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Prokaryote, Eukaryote & Virus Bundle: PowerPoints and Guided Notes for INB

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Prokaryote Lesson:

This prokaryotic bacteria bundle with power point and minibook covers Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, bacteria shapes, structures, cluster type gram staining, reproduction, metabolic types, pasteurization, sterilization, and antibiotic resistance. There are also examples of specific bacteria. Pathogenic and beneficial bacteria are covered. The fill in the blank notes are assembled as a minibook using 4 pages. Answer key included.

Eukaryote Lesson:

The Eukaryote PowerPoint and differentiated minibook begin with a general overview of the eukaryotic cell. Each of the main organelles found in eukaryotic cells beginning with the nucleus, RER, SER, golgi apparatus, vesicle, central vacuole, lysosome, peroxisome, cytoplasm, centrioles, ribosome, to cilia and flagella. The cell membrane, cell wall microtubules and microfilaments are explained. There is a full page comparison of the mitochondria and chloroplast. The four eukaryotic kingdoms: animal, plants, fungus and protist are reviewed. General Cells representing each kingdom are presented and the differences are explained.

The mini-book only needs four pages and a stapler to assemble. The assembly instructions are easy to follow and included in the file. The illustrations are black and white line illustrations and can be easily colored in by the students. There are two forms of the student minibooks. The PowerPoints and mini-books can easily be covered simultaneously as guided notes.

Virus Lesson:

Viruses often boggle young students' minds. They are not living so can not be called dead. This power point goes over the reasons viruses are not categorized as living, explains their methods for reproduction, the lytic and lysogenic cycles.The pathology of viruses moving from a natural reservoir, to a vector and eventual host is defined. HIV reproduction in the human body is covered in detail with a global map and symptoms. There are a few slides dedicated to Ebola why it is are hard to find and how the primate population of the world is being affected. The latest Zika virus is also presented and why it is detrimental to developing babies in the womb with measures that can be taken to reduce mosquito populations. Multiple common viruses are also described.

The power point and foldable can be presented separately or together. Together they work well as guided notes with no preparation needed. Teacher key included.

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