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Physical Science 30+ Word Wall Coloring Sheets, Chemistry & Physics

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Coloring pages have recently become a huge hit all over the world. In my new series of word wall coloring pages, you can bring the excitement of coloring into your middle school and high school science classrooms.

This is a growing bundle. I will consistently be adding more worksheet terms and the price will rise as more and more terms are added, but you will be able to continually download the file

This collection includes 120+ life science terms I have illustrated so far. Each word wall poster has a word wall art graphic that students can color. There is a designated box to write the scientific definitions, synonyms or examples, antonyms or nonexamples and space to write a sentence using the word.

This set includes the words from Life Sciences such as Biology, Human Anatomy, and Environmental Science.

Word Walls are an instructional tool used primarily in the elementary classroom. While teaching in Texas my administrators decided they wanted secondary teachers to use the tool as well. It was a great success on many levels. Students took time learning about their word and creating a design for it. I always displayed all the words and the students took great pride in seeing their work displayed. The students also enjoyed looking at each other’s work. I noticed over time that my students would frequently look at the wall while we working. Especially during pop quizzes or bell work. The word wall truly helped my students to remember their vocabulary words and seeing them displayed all the time in class made it easier for them to refresh their memory when necessary.

I developed word wall coloring pages for my students who struggled with what to draw and write when working on word walls. The coloring pages allowed my students who struggle with a means for creating a beautiful piece of word wall art as well.

My favorite way to use word walls includes after a test, to introduce new vocabulary in a relaxing format, sub work or as extra credit. They are also a fun way to revisit words students' struggle with and as extra credit.

Please feel free to tag me on Instagram (@MizzzFostersClass) to show off your students’ work.


Analog signal
Compound Machine
Covalent Bond
Digitalized Signal
Double Replacement
Hydrogen Bond
Ionic Bond
Kinetic Energy
Light energy
Metallic Bond
Mechanical Energy
Nuclear Energy
Parallel Circuit
Potential Energy
Series Circuit
Simple Machine
Thermal Energy

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