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The French ABC Alphabet BUNDLE, The Carten Way, combines both, the handouts and the audio documents that you can't miss, especially at the beginning of the school year or for the new semester, and it can also be an excellent review when needed. This bundle is a MUST HAVE!!!

Êtes-vous prêt? Voici un aperçu de ce que ce paquet contient:

1) THE FRENCH ABC ALPHABET BOOKLET - Great handouts... see the preview for more details.

Yes, this great document is divided into 3 sections, which unfold with learning:

Section 1 = My French Alphabet Booklet.
Students must write a word or adjective for each letter of the alphabet, but he/she must also translate it in the opposite language, give its gender, and write the correct indefinite and definite article that should be used for that word.

Section 2 = My Tricky Visual Alphabet is where students combine both, their bilingual dictionary that they are building with images of none living things, which makes this challenging, but yet so much fun to do. They also need to indicate the gender and write the definite and indefinite article that is attached to it.

Section 3 = Alphabet, Images, Sentences is a wonderful section where students write full sentences in French, using the verb “être” or “avoir,” using the word/adjective from the dictionary they are building with images of none living things, which makes it challenging and fun.

This great document comes with nice useful handouts ready to print.



Listen - Learn - Repeat is all in the main objective of this great document. Make sure to watch the video provided in the preview.

This great resource has 7 slides that are filled out with audio, all that you need for your students to know how to pronounce and learn their French alphabet!

Do you have a wireless keyboard? If you do, pass it around the classroom and have students repeat the audio they hear with students taking turns with the wireless keyboard to click on the various audio sections. Ohhhhh, they like doing it and you get them focused!!!

In L'alphabet français en audio (Audio French Alphabet, The Carten Way), you can rest your voice and just play the audio, have have your students click on the audio for you, or use a wireless keyboard, which is something students usually really like to use, while it keeps them so much focus.

The Powerpoint includes the following:

Challenging Letters with 2 slides that has explanations given with the audio, but just like all the slides, it can also just be used without the audio.

Same Ending Sound explaining to students how they can easily remember the letters that have the same endings in English and French.

L'alphabet en français with the choice of playing each letter separately or as a group, slower or faster.

Feel free to ask questions if needed and let us know under the comments if you like it (thanks!).

Andree Carten, The Carten Educational Resources

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