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ESL Back to School with Who Are We? Nice Ice Breaker Project

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Dear ESL Teachers, here is a great document to break the ice on the first weeks of school, helping each one to know each other in pair groups...

Feel free to take a look at the preview or the images..

Let’s see what it contains:

1) Study Guide

2) Worksheets + Audio Practice:

1. For students to translate into their native language the sentences given in English. A link to my Quizlet is provided for the students to hear and practice how to say the sentences in English correctly. This can easily be done from their phone, laptop, tablet, computer, making it just like they enjoy doing it, very interactive!

2. Now that they know the sentences, students are to be paired and, with the worksheets provided, they are to prepare one of the followings in order to introduce another student in English to the class. This is so much fun and it can be done...

 with a PowerPoint presentation
 with handmade posters
 with online presenters, such as Pretzi, Visme, emaze, etc.

3) Directions for the project are clearly given in English.

4) Can they follow directions? Let’s find out with the special rule!

One of the challenges for many students is to understand the questions asked on quizzes, tests, and exams. A special rule has been added and this is a very good way for you to learn your students and see right at the beginning of the school year who reads instructions correctly and who may need some help… So the rule added is to simply not draw or use images of living things.

5) Rubric is also provided.

6) Contains: Total of 7 pages with 3 printable pages for your students:

- Worksheet with translation to do and audio practice: 1 page + 1 Quizlet link
- Worksheet with directions and space to write information: 1 page
- Rubric: 1 page

Are you ready for this nice interactive project?

If you have French native speakers, I have the same document with 12 pages that comes with the same only in English and with the same all in French to help students understand what they need to do. Check it out at ESL for French Speakers Ice Breaker Project with Who Are We? Qui Sommes-Nous?

Feel free to email me if you have questions or would like something modified. I’m just an email away!

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What does ESL / EFL / TESL / TESOL / ESOL stand for?

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ESL: English as a Second Language
ESOL: English as a Second or Other Language
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TESL: Teacher of English as a Second Language
TESOL:Teacher of English as a Second or Other Language

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