How to promote your Teachers Pay Teachers store?

I made this tool - for TPT sellers and for my self to make a personal webpage with all my Teachers Pay Teachers store products.
You can import all your products with one click. It doesn't store any files (products). It takes only descriptions and sends all buyers to TPT store.


The main reason to have this standalone website is to get organic traffic from the Google. More traffic from google - more sells on TPT store! Yeah!

I created my page with a tool and didn't make any special marketing for it.
After one year, without any expectations, I checked my statistics.

Here is a statistics from my last year:

Wow! I earned from my page $79.21 without doing nothing!!! It took me just five minutes to set up my store on web site.
I earned twice more from Pinterest, but I spend here a lot of time to pin there my teaching resources.
I earned even more than from my Facebook Page!

What about traffic?

Almost all traffic comes from Google. I have only 829 visitors per year. It is only ~2 visitors per day.

It is so small amount, but I get sells from it!

My conclusion - it is worth to set up your own web!

Good news - I made it as a free tool for all TPT sellers now, because Teachers Rocks! :)

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